DTF Garment Care Instructions: Tips for preserving the quality of the print

Washing suggestions:
*The best method to wash DTF garments is with cold water. Use cold water while washing clothes since hot water will cause the fabric to shrink and fade the design.
*When washing your DTF garments, use a soft detergent. The print may get faded and damaged if you use harsh detergents. A gentle detergent made for fragile materials is what you should look for.
*Turning the garment inside out before washing it might help preserve the print. By doing this, you can lessen any friction and abrasion that can happen when washing.
*Avoid using fabric softeners: They might leave an imprint-damaging residue on the cloth.
*When washing your light and dark DTF prints, do it separately to avoid color fading and bleeding. This will aid in keeping the prints’ colors vibrant.
*Avoid High Heat: High heat might fade or fracture the print, damaging it.

Dry suggestions:
*Air-Dry if Possible: Air-drying is the best way to dry DTF clothing. Hang the garment on a clothesline or lay it flat to dry. If at all possible, avoid using a clothes dryer.
*Use Low Heat When Necessary: When using a dryer, choose the lowest heat setting.
*When the garment is dry, immediately take it out of the dryer or off the clothesline. Too much time in the dryer or on the clothesline might ruin the fabric or leave the garment wrinkled.
*Over-drying may shrink the cloth and harm the print. Take the garment out of the dryer when it’s still a little moist to prevent over-drying.

Ironing suggestions:
*When ironing DTF garments, use the lowest heat setting. High heat can damage the print and cause it to melt or fade.
*Use a pressing cloth over the print. This will guard against direct heat damage and keep the print from melting or fading.
*To prevent the print from bleeding or fading, avoid using steam while ironing DTF garments. Instead, use a dry iron.
*Iron the garment from the inside out to shield the print from heat. This will aid in avoiding any print damage.
*Avoid applying excessive pressure since doing so might cause the print to melt or fade.


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