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Dimensional Letters

Made of a high density, light-weight material with a smooth surface that can be custom painted or laminated in a variety of materials and colors. Foam Letters are an excellent way to achieve a metal look while keeping costs down. These signs are highly durable and work well for outdoor/indoor signs. There is different variety of foam density and thickness which makes foam letters adaptable to any budget.

Details: Non-Illuminated.

Uses: Indoor and Outdoor use for Business, other personal uses.

Outdoor dimensional lettering is the most effective signage to grab attention and direct customers to your place of business. This custom outdoor signage solution can be installed directly to your building facade and to self-standing signage structures, such as monument signs.

Details: Because our custom dimensional lettering installations occur outdoors as the main building identification sign, it is recommended that businesses consider some sort of lighting. Signs2GoPlus offers plenty of illumination options, including LED/Neon and backlit dimensional letters, to attract attention to your brand, day or night!

Uses: Interior and Exterior signage.

Lighting Options: Illuminated or Non-Illuminated.

Installation: We provide installation for these types of jobs.
Service: We offer yearly maintenance on any signs of choice.
Care: No Care needed for dimensional metal letters.